Fencing Foot



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If standing alone, each fencing panel requires two feet. When setting up multiple panels in a row, you need one foot per panel plus an extra for the end.

Please note: Fencing Panel feet cannot be ordered separately. These must be ordered along with Fencing Panels.

Original price was: $18.80.Current price is: $13.60.

These feet support our fencing panels. If standing on their own, two feet a re required to hold each panel. When set up in a row you they do not require as many. This is because the panels link together, with one foot at each connection point to support both panels. For this reason, when buying to set up in a row you need one foot per panel, plus one extra for the terminating panel.

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 34.125 × 3.5 × 14.375 in