7′ Aluminum/Plywood Walkboard – Regular Duty

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  • (1) 7′ Regular Duty Aluminum/Plywood Scaffolding Walkboard

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Our 7′ Regular Duty Aluminum/Plywood Scaffold Walkboards are our most economical walkboard solution. After many years in the industry we have redesigned our walkboards to be modular and fully repairable. We use a nut and bolt system compared to the industry standard of permanent rivets. Should the board become damaged or broken this allows you to disassemble and replace individual parts instead of the entire board. Saving you both time and money.

The best boards on the market in the US, sold to you direct. No middleman. No distributor hassle. No dealer markup. The nicest board at the best pricing in America delivered directly to your door… Fast. How else would you shop?

Discover the secrets behind our best-in-class aluminum plywood walkboard – a product that has stood the test of time for over eighteen years. Unlike our competitors, we don’t simply resell; we manufacture, ensuring unmatched quality and value for your investment.

Reasons to Choose Our Walkboard

  1. Beefy Construction: Our walkboard boasts thicker metal parts for added durability and strength compared to cheap alternatives.
  2. Modularity Matters: Our walkboard is modular, allowing you to replace damaged parts in minutes using common hand tools.
  3. Superior Load Rating: Tested to exceed 11,000 pounds (load test is 75 lb/square foot with a 4-to-1 safety ratio), our walkboard provides unmatched strength and stability.
  4. Quality Materials: We use strong plywood with a unique grain pattern and waterproof glue, ensuring top-notch performance and weather resistance.
  5. Honest Business Practices: As a family-owned and operated company, we take pride in our products and stand by our commitment to honest service.

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Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 87 × 19.5 × 3 in