S-Style 5′ X 6’4″ Ladder Frame



  • (1) S-Style Premium 5′ x 6’4″ Ladder Frame
Matches and stacks with Safway pattern scaffolding.


This frame is well suited for someone who wants to build a tower over 20′ tall and is okay with a heavier frame. The benefit to using this frame over using the 5′ x 5′ frame is cost. A 20′ tower can be built with six frames instead of eight frames (5′ x 5′), saving around $100 in material cost. The disadvantage to using this frame is the weight. The 6’4″ x 5′ frame weighs approximately five lb heavier than the 5′ x 5′. It utilizes a 48″ brace lock spacing, so it connects and stacks with Safway style frames. This frame meets and/or exceeds all OSHA regulations. The frame has three ladder rungs and uses our gravity flip-lock to secure cross braces. To maximize the life and longevity of our scaffold frames we apply a blue-polyester powder coating.

Weight45 lbs
Frame Dimensions

5' W X 6'4" H

Frame Tube Outside Diameter

1.69 in.

Frame Tube Wall Thickness


Brace Lock Spacing


Frame Type


Frame Pattern