Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I figure out what I need?

Simply decide what height at which you need to stand. You may need to measure this as you want to be accurate and guessing isn’t the best way to figure this. This is generally referred to as the “platform height.” We quote all our packages with the platform height listed. This is the actual, or very close to, height your feet will be located. “Working height” is usually figured by adding 6 ft to the platform height. Once you have the height you next need to decide what length you would like to have. More is better.

All our packages come in a standard 7 ft length. Widths are standardized at 5 ft, but we do offer narrow packages for specialty or “tight” areas. So our basic platform will be 5 ft wide and 7 ft long. This is the area you have to walk around and work in.

If you want a longer work area then the increments are 7 ft. So the next size in length is 14 ft. And so on … 21 ft. … 28 ft. … 35 ft. The same is true of the height. Think of scaffolding as building blocks (or Lego sets for the kid in you) where you stack one set, or “block”, on top of the next. For our 5×5 sets which are 5 ft high and 5 ft wide each set adds 5 ft of height.

Why do you offer packages?

We offer packages so you don’t have to be a scaffold expert. Everything is included. You don’t have to worry about whether the stack pins, or spring rivets, or the right number of walkboards are included. We have it already completely designed to make it very easy to decide what you need. All you have to do is figure the height and size platform as discussed above and we probably have a package already put together.

Do our scaffold products match other brands?

Our main pattern is the industry standard. This pattern is 1.625 inches in Outer Diameter and has a 27.75 inch lock spacing. This protects your investment. When you buy from us you are buying a product that is interchangeable with the leading most popular brand in the USA… which we think is very smart.

We offer other patters as well. Older patterns like Mighty, etc cannot be interchanged with the vast majority of scaffold in the USA. We feel it gives you peace of mind if you place a sizable order and then need to add to your investment. If for some reason we are not here in the future you can walk into literally 1000 locations in the states and buy what you need and have it match right up. Most other competitors do not adhere to this philosophy.

Time and time again I hear customers call and say I bought this from X company and it won’t fit anything else but they are out of business. They usually conclude that it is best to sell that and replace it with a leading pattern. Please do not underestimate buying the leading US pattern. You will never regret this later and will probably thank us for pointing this out when you need to sell or add to your investment. So we recommend our yellow pattern if you don’t currently have scaffolding.


We now have these patterns in stock. If you have Waco or Safway and wish to match the pattern, we have it. Matching this pattern means half way assembly you don’t have to take it back down and take out a mismatched part.

Is your scaffolding heavy duty?

Yes; we do not carry “light duty” scaffolding. Our sets all rate over 60,000 lbs to collapse. OSHA generally allows a manufacturer to rate their product with a 4 to 1 load safety margin. We like 16 to 1. So 60,000/16 = 3,750lbs. We like being on the safe side of things. Rating our sets at 3,750 with a 16X safety factor should assure you of the ability of one or two men to stand high up with the utmost in safety and confidence.

What about the quality of your product given the astounding price?

We hear it every day. Sometimes a skeptical customer will call and ask many questions and finally place an order. We are a small southern company and are “user friendly.” Usually talking on the phone with one of us for a few minutes will put a customer’s mind at ease concerning their purchase. When the product arrives we get emails and phone calls saying “how nice” and some expressing “shock” at how we can make this nice of a product at the price point that we offer it. They always say “I wasn’t expecting the product to be this nice.”

We constantly work to improve every single little flaw relentlessly. The fit of the pin, the quality of the powder coat, the packaging to help prevent scratches, the fade resistance from sun damage, the consistency of the micron thickness of our galvanizing, closer and ever closer tolerances both in drilling and welding and on and on.

Why are you so much less than everybody else?

When you deal with us you are dealing direct. We are the company that designs, engineers, assembles, sells, processes, palletizes, and then ships your order.

We source our raw materials and parts from the best suppliers all over the world. Our model of doing business is similar to Michael Dell of Dell computer. He sells direct to the end user via the Internet. We don’t have or use “dealers”. Look at what his way of doing business did to IBM. They went out of the PC business as they simply could not compete.

Working with us means you cut out all the middlemen. It’s absolutely the most efficient way to buy scaffolding. We sell to you at pricing that is below what other companies charge their dealers. Think about that for a minute. Most rental companies or scaffold dealers order the product, paying $120 to 145 a set plus freight from the scaffold company they buy from. Then they have to mark up the product by $20 to $60 per set depending upon where they are located.

If it’s the Pacific Northwest a “set” can be quoted as high as $300. New York is around $180 to $240. So it varies based on the cost of living in an area and how scarce the product can be found in a particular area.

Supply and demand is a factor. And lastly the local dealer, after paying incoming freight on small orders and then marking the product up, has to charge sales tax. Home Depot charges you up to $300/set and then sales tax.

Their tower packages directly copied us which we took as a huge compliment but they are not direct so they have a middleman and consequently you will pay roughly 80% more from Home Depot for example on our 20 ft deluxe tower package and then you will pay sales tax too.

Do you charge sales tax?

Due to recent changes in interstate commerce laws, we must now charge sales tax on a state-by-state basis.

How fast do you ship?

As a general rule we ship within 2 days. Sometimes we have heavy demand and it’s a bit longer. We do not promise you a set time for shipping out or arrival, but we bust our buns to get it out as fast as we humanly can.

Update to above: We have now installed automated wrapping machinery and most orders are now able to ship out within 1 to 2 days if at all possible. ScaffoldMart is not responsible for shortage or damage that is not listed on the drivers receipt. If your shipment has damage or is missing merchandise, note it on the drivers receipt and let us know as soon as possible.

When should I order caster wheels versus leveling jacks?

Order wheels for inside use. We do not recommend them outside unless on hard surface such as concrete or asphalt. We carry caster jacks for uneven surfaces to level a rolling tower.

Use level jacks outside or inside. Level jacks give adjustability of the platform height of 24 inches upward. This is often a very good trick to adjust where you are standing to the exact perfect standing height so you can work productively and save your back.

We also carry level jacks for uneven surfaces. We call these swivel jacks. We would recommend with any package to add the other jack or wheel to it. If you order a rolling tower then add a set of jacks and vice versa. The additional cost of jacks for a set is around $58 and wheels $82 (see product pages for current prices). When ordered with the package they are shipped free. Freight can be an issue as well as a pain to reorder if you need to add these later. They’re worth ordering with your towers for such a small amount of money gaining such a large amount of versatility.

What does a set consist of?

A set consists of 2 frames, 2 cross braces, 4 stacking pins and 4 spring rivets to hold the stack pins in the frame.

How quickly can my order arrive?

Depends on your location and site traffic, your salesman can give you an estimated time of arrival at the time of order placement.

Can I track my order?

Yes, when your order is placed you will recieve tracking information. 

Where will freight company drop my order

The freight company is responsible for curbside delivery — they cannot unload and take the product any further than the curb. This means they can’t put it in the backyard or up to the end of the driveway etc. This is an industry wide practice. Now having said that, if you like you could ask the driver when he arrives to help you and tell him you’d be glad to offer him a tip. R&L has the highest quality employees in the business and many will be willing to help out. Please do this up front so there is not a misunderstanding as company policy is curbside delivery only.

Do you accept PO’s or credit accounts?

No, we do not accept credit, charge accounts, or purchase orders. This minimizes bad debt and eliminates an accounts payable department entirely. This cost savings is then passed on to you in the form of the lowest pricing in the industry.


Prices are subject to change without notice. We make every effort to keep our site updated and correct. However, we will not be responsible for typographical errors.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Credit Cards (see below for details)
  • Wire Transfers
  • Cashiers Checks (major bank)
  • Money Orders
  • Financing
  • Personal Checks

We require payment up front before your order ships.

Credit Cards

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. We do not take a credit card for an order over $4,000.00.

Wire Transfer

One very easy way to transfer money that is the most efficient is the wire transfer. It’s not well known how easy it is to complete a transaction using this method. Just see your bank and they can send the money for a very small fee in a matter of minutes. The banker simply hits a button. We can give you the information you need to take to your bank. Tell the banker to have the “wire department” go ahead and “execute” the wire immediately as you need the product shipped. Sometimes this department can take up to a day to “execute” the transaction. We have real time banking in our offices so we will see the wire hit in minutes and can begin processing your order immediately. This works especially well for rush orders. Call our office manager Angel and tell her it’s done and to be on the lookout for the funds.


We offer financing through FaaStrak. This option allows you to get the equipment you need for a low monthly payment you can afford. Learn more about Financing and how to apply.

Personal Checks

Personal checks will hold up the order for 14 days to ensure it clears.


Occasionally we have a new customer that will want to see the product before payment. In this case where the order is a larger order we will accept payment for the freight both ways for the order up front and send the order COD. We do not do COD orders under $4,000. A certified check is required when the truck arrives and has to be approved as good before we ship. Simply scan and fax or email it over to us to verify.

The freight both ways is required to cover the full amount of shipping if the customer declines the order. There is a 3% COD fee charged by the freight company. We have never had a customer not accept the product once it arrives… most are shocked at the quality. We had one gentleman from LA call as he opened the door and ordered another full truck load on the spot.