Scaffolding Cross Brace

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Scaffolding Cross Braces at ScaffoldMart

Braces are commonly overlooked when assessing the quality of scaffolding. Here’s what is important:

For longevity of a scaffold brace, it is important that the interior of the tube is coated completely, just like the outside of the tube. This can be acmploshed in two ways.

  1. Cross brace tube is dipped prior to manufacture, so that the entirety of the inside is covered with zinc.
  2. Cross brace can be drilled prior to dipping, so that the hole allows zinc to fill inside the tube during the process, coating it’s entirety.

Our cross braces are entirely galvanized, inside and out.

Make certain the brace you choose fits your frame. Measure the distance between the studs on your frame, that is the dimension you need to know which brace will give you the desired distance between frames.