Scaffolding Planks/Walkboards

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Scaffold Walkboards and OSHA Planks – Superior Quality and Performance

Our Legacy: Walkboards

At ScaffoldMart, we revolutionized the industry with our exceptional scaffold walkboards. Our aluminum plywood walkboard remains unrivaled today. Strategically reinforced with aluminum, it boasts stronger ribs and a one-piece extruded rail, ensuring unmatched durability. Modular and repairable, it comes with high-quality marine-grade waterproof glue for the plywood decks and stainless-steel carriage bolts with nylon backing nuts for fastening.

All Aluminum Walkboards: Unmatched Strength

Our all-aluminum scaffolding walkboards follow the same meticulous approach, strategically placing metal for superior performance. Modular and repairable, they feature stainless-steel fasteners for extended life.

OSHA Planks – Safety and Compliance Assured

Our OSHA planks, sourced locally, undergo rigorous inspection and grading by our SPIB certified team. Meeting OSHA standards, these planks have clipped corners, steel rods for reduced warping, and official grade and “OSHA Plank” stamps.

Durable, Repairable, Compliant

At ScaffoldMart, we deliver innovative and exceptional quality products. Our walkboards and planks offer unmatched strength and reliability. The modular design allows for easy repair and replacement, ensuring longevity and efficiency in your scaffolding projects. Trust ScaffoldMart for top-of-the-line scaffolding planks and walkboards that stand the test of time and deliver optimal performance.