Scaffolding Planks/Walkboards

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Walkboards were our original specialty. When we started ScaffoldMart, we took it upon ourselves to build one better than what was available at that time. Today, we believe our aluminum plywood walkboard is still the best available.

By strategically adding aluminum to our extrusions in just the right places, we build with stronger ribs and rails. Back in the day, and you can still find them, rails were commonly made of two thin pieces of pressed aluminum riveted together. Our rail is a beefy one-piece extrusion.

Next we made them repairable by making the entire unit modular, and making replacements available for every piece. If any part of this unit fails, it is quickly and easily replaceable.

We want to use the best materials, so we decided to go with a high-quality marine-grade waterproof glue in our plywood decks, and fastened all the parts with stainless-steel carriage bolts and nylon backing nuts. This board has no rivets. It’s the best.

The same approach was applied to our all aluminum walkboards. We put the metal in the right places and utilize a modular build to keep things repairable insofar as possible with this product. Like it’s aluminum/plywood counterpart, it utilizes stainless-steel fasteners, no rivets.