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Scaffolding Frames at ScaffoldMart

At ScaffoldMart, our extensive experience running a five-store rental company equips us to understand what makes durable scaffolding frames and top-notch scaffold products. We meticulously scrutinize every detail, ensuring the highest quality standards in our products.

Our frames, reflecting our commitment to quality, are designed to spec at our offices in Eastern North Carolina. You won’t find this level of excellence and affordability elsewhere.

Dedicated to achieving excellence in scaffold frames, we build with precision, setting them apart from the competition with unmatched attention to detail. At ScaffoldMart, we firmly believe in delivering top-notch products, exceeding expectations in quality, safety, and performance.


Safety is paramount in our carefully crafted scaffold frames, which meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring a secure working environment for your construction projects.

Long Lasting

Durability is a hallmark of our scaffold frames, providing long-lasting performance and reliability.

Ease of Use

To save you valuable time and effort, we engineer our frames for ease of use during setup and dismantling.

Priced Right

With a keen understanding of the construction industry’s economy, our competitively priced frames offer unmatched value without compromising on quality.

Designed to Match

At ScaffoldMart, our extensive selection of scaffold frames includes options designed to interchange with major industry-standard patterns, ensuring versatility and compatibility:

  • ScaffoldMart Yellow (match/stack with BJ-style frames)
  • S-Style Blue (match/stack with Safway style frames)
  • W-style Red (match and stack with Waco style scaffolding)
  • G-Style Orange (match with Gadsden style scaffolding)

Exclusively designed and crafted by us with meticulous attention to detail, all frames we sell undergo strict quality control. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t offer frames manufactured by third parties, giving us complete control over the production process to maintain the highest standards for our customers.

Confident in the unbeatable quality and competitive prices of our scaffolding frames, we maintain the largest covered inventory in the country, ensuring you can find the perfect frame to meet your specific needs.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly sales team at 866-900-0983 for assistance. We’re here to help you find the ideal scaffolding frame that enhances your projects with safety and efficiency, reflecting the unparalleled quality you expect from ScaffoldMart.

Experience the difference in scaffolding excellence with ScaffoldMart today.