Shipping Terms & Conditions

Personalized Quotes for Accurate Shipping Costs 

At ScaffoldMart we value your satisfaction and strive to provide the best shopping experience when purchasing scaffolding and related products.  

Why do we call instead of automatically calculating shipping at checkout?

To ensure you receive accurate shipping costs, we offer a personalized service that saves you money and offers peace of mind. 

After placing your order, our team will reach out to you within one business day to provide a customized shipping quote tailored to your specific items. This eliminates guesswork and ensures you only pay for the exact shipping costs associated with your order. 

By not requiring payment at checkout, you can review the quote and make an informed decision before providing your credit card information. This transparency allows you to know the final cost upfront, providing a seamless and worry-free experience

Our commitment to exceptional customer service means that we’re here to answer any questions and guide you through the checkout process.  

Make it Right Guarantee

We are honest businesspeople, and we stand by this product line. We operate a limited, “Make it Right” guarantee. Our products are warrantied for the first year after purchase against any defects arising from material defects or workmanship. We are pouring over the details to bring you quality scaffolding.  

If you find an error in manufacture or a defect in materials, please notify us immediately. If we determine that we are indeed at fault, we will make it right, immediately and free astray. 

Damaged/Missing Freight

Before any products leave our warehouse, they are photographed exactly as they will ship, minus the final shrink-wrap on pallets. We do this to certify that the products are complete and free of damage.  

If you place an order with us and your products arrive damaged or incomplete, it is imperative you mark the damage or shortage on the Driver’s Delivery Receipt or Original Bill of Lading and accept the freightHowever, never accept any damaged or incomplete freight without marking it on the Delivery Receipt or BOL, this is standard procedure, and you have every right to do so. If your delivery driver refuses to allow you to note the damage, call us immediately at 866-900-0983. 

Concealed Damage/Shortage

It is the client’s responsibility to inspect their products at the time of delivery. If damage or shortage is discovered afterward, ScaffoldMart must be notified within the following 36 hours. Our immediate course of action is to check our warehouse photographs, if we find we are at fault we make it right, immediately and free astray. Otherwise, we assess these instances on a case-by-case basis to determine the best course of action.  

Clients should be prepared to provide photographs of the products, multiple or specific photographs, to corroborate their accounts with the carrier. If we believe we can win a claim, we often ship replacements immediately and free astray. 

Return Policy

If a client is not happy with their products, they can be return shipped to ScaffoldMart at the client’s expense, and a refund for the returned products will be applied as appropriate based on the original method of payment. A refund will not be awarded until the products have reached ScaffoldMart in complete and new condition. All refunds are subject to a 20% restocking fee, to be determined upon review of the products.