Scaffolding Caster Wheels

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Scaffolding Caster Wheels at ScaffoldMart

Mobility can be important for scaffolding. It can be very heavy, the ability to add casters and move it let’s contractors do jobs in significantly less time. If your business frequently uses scaffolding for work, we’ve got the caster wheels needed to get the job done.

We have two kinds of wheels for scaffolding in stock: cast-iron and polycarbonate. Rest assured, we only offers products that will serve you well for a long time. Our cast-iron wheels are heavily built, they are tough. The polycarbonate version is lighter and resists marking with only slightly less load capacity, but they cost a little bit more.

When it comes to caster wheels, it’s better to prioritize quality over savings. These workhorse wheels must last without fault. While there are cheap options that might do the job in the short term, they may lack the features that provide durability – which make for a good investments. Scaffolding casters should have secure brakes, heavy-duty components to withstand loads, and grease fittings to keep them running smoothly. You’ll find such wheels here at ScaffoldMart.

As a leader in the scaffolding industry, you can expect us to have all the accessories for your scaffolding. Casters are only one of the many items we carry; we also have frames, walk boards, side-brackets, safety equipment, and much more.

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