Corrosion Test Comparison

Salt-Water Corrosion Test Comparison – 13 Week Results.

Rusty Boat Stand vs. MarineMart Boat Stand

This is a graphic of our model MBS-2 (right) and the industry leader’s comparable model (left). We left the two outside on our yard, side by side, under the exact same salty conditions for thirteen weeks leading up to the Miami International Boat Show. Above are the results.

*For simplicities sake, we have begun to call our leading competitors stand “Rusty.” This makes it easy to identify the stand to which we are reffering.

Keeping it simple:

MarineMart: Fully hot-dip galvanized, inside and out, holds more weight, $40-$100 less.

Rusty: Vat-dipped in paint, base only. Holds less weight. $40-$100 more expensive.