FSBS-10.5 Foldable Sailboat Stand 123″-140″



  • (1) 10.5′ Extra-Large Foldable Sailboat Stand
  • (1) Orange Long Top


We have developed a line of 8 ft to 15 ft extra large sailboat stands that are fully hot dip galvanized for maximum corrosion resistance. Fully hot dipped including not just the base as others do but also the acme threaded top.

Our stand has a built in integrated ladder that meets OSHA code for being legal to climb. They disassemble flat to ship or for storage.

Pricing includes base and top. You can specify flat or V top.

Our foldable sailboat stand tops are now fully hot dipped as well. We fully hot dip the inside and outside of the adjustment handle, the extra thick (50% thicker) collar on the handle, the square acme threaded rod, and the top plywood L-bracket holder. Everything is fully immersed in hot molten zinc.

Why invest this kind of money and not have a product that’s going to give many years of service by being hot dipped? When comparing tops it’s hot dip with us vs bare steel for them. I have traveled to many yards and seen rusted tops everywhere. That’s why we hot dip it.

Should be compatible with your existing inventory. Call us to discuss. Now you can make one call and get one stop service.

If you are remote, say in the Caribbean, we specialize in island deliveries. We can send you a container that includes our new hurricane yacht cradles, our Extra Large Foldable Sailboat stands as well as our smaller line of sail and motorboat stands.

We are well versed with shipping your order into the Caribbean or anywhere in the world. This month we sent our products to Australia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, the Caribbean etc.

No Scratch Soft Gel Plastic Top. Ask about upgrading your stand tops from plywood with our No scratch soft plastic top so having to use carpet between the plywood top and boat gelcoat blistering/awl-grip fading is a thing of the past. This top won’t hold water or rot or scratch.

Weight 152.85 lbs
Freight Class