Boxed Sail Boat Stand – 75″ to 92″ – LCF190



  • (1) Box Sail Boat Stand Base – LCF190
  • (1) Box Boat Stand Top w/ Rubber Billet

This product breaks down and fits in a box for easy storage and lower shipping costs.


Free freight.


Boat Stands in a Box

MarineMart has developed a new boat stand that is much easier to transport and store than anything we have carried in the past.   Our boxed stands have the following features:

  • The entire stand is fully hot dip galvanized metal.
  • Easily damaged or rotted plywood tops replaced with rubber tops over the metal backing plate.
  • The base has 2.5” round welded feet to keep legs from sinking into ground.
  • The top has 4 very stout and large backing plates under the main plate for support of the top that the rubber is attached to.
  • Top has 2 chain slots. One on each side.
  • Rubber is non-slip and will increase grip.
  • Rubber is non-marking (on most not all).
  • Comes packaged in a box and quickly is assembled using a socket/wrench.
  • Can be disassembled and re-boxed for compact storage.
  • Save money on freight when ordering because of boxed set up.
  • These stands are built to last much longer than lesser stands that rust within days of being used.

We have had our original stands in the field now for 6.5 years with zero rust. These new stands are even better than our older stands with thicker zinc coating. You can expect these new stands to last many years longer in comparison to other boat stands. We expect our stands to still have zero rust on them when it’s time to replace competitive stands. That’s how good these really are!


Grady Smith

Weight 67 lbs
Max Height Adjustment


Load Capacity

3306 lb.

Box Size

84" X 10" X 6"

Product Type

Boxed Boat Stand