Boxed Motor Boat Stand – 20″ to 31″ – LCM500



  • (1) Box Motor Boat Stand Base – LCM500
  • (1) Box Boat Stand Top w/ Rubber Billet

This product breaks down and fits in a box for easy storage and lower shipping costs.


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MarineMart has developed a new boat stand that is much easier to transport and store than anything we have carried in the past. Our boxed boat stands have the following features:

Entire stand is fully hot dipped, including the threaded rod on it’s adjustable top.

NO MORE PLYWOOD! We have switched to hot-dipped metal and a ribbed rubber cover.

Lowest maintenance stand on the market.

The base has 2.5” round welded feet to keep legs to increase their surface area, this helps them keep from sinking into ground.

The top has four large ribs/backing plates under the main plate for generous support.

Top has two chain slots. One on each side.

Chain slots are oriented with head pivoting orientation, this is patent pending.

Our original stands have been in the field now for six years with virtually no rust.  These are better. You can expect these stands to last many years longer in comparison to a painted boat stand.

Grady Smith, CEO

Weight 31 lbs
Min Height Adjustment


Max Height Adjustment


Load Capacity

6062 lb.

Box Size

21" X 16" X 7"

Product Type

Boxed Boat Stand