12 ft Multifunction Scaffold Tower



  • (2) 6′ Multifunction Unit w/ Reversible Siderail
  • (1) 3-4 Guardrail System
  • (1) Ideal-Angle Outriggers – Set of Four

*All required caster wheels and fasteners come included in the boxes.


The world’s most stable 12 ft. Multifunction Tower, period.

This tower is built of our revolutionary (literally) 6′ Multifunction Units with reversible side-rails. Our reversible rail allows us to build a more stable unit because of increased contact between the side rails and frames, which translates into a sturdy-feeling tower when stacked to height.

It comes with our patented 3-4 guardrail system which features precision square mounting pegs, providing the most stable connection of any multifunction guardrail system.

Additionally, it includes a set of Ideal-Angle Outriggers – designed to provide ideal stability for either a 12 ft or 6 ft multifunction tower. Not only that, but because of our unique patented design, a tower can utilize four outriggers even when against a wall – they are the only products in their category with this capability.

Weight 387.7 lbs
Max Standing Height


Tower Type