S-Style 5′ X 6’4″ Ladder Frame Set w/ 7′ Bracing


Our S-Style 6’4″ Scaffolding Set allows for higher platforms with fewer frames, offering cost savings compared to shorter sets. Featuring three ladder rungs and gravity flip locks, it’s a sturdy option for your scaffolding needs.

*Matches and stacks with Safway pattern scaffolding.


This scaffold set will help you create a higher platform with less frames. The benefit to using this set over using the 5′ X 5′ set is cost. A 20′ tower can be built with three sets of 6’4″ tall vs four sets of 5′ tall, saving around $100 in material cost. The disadvantage to using this frame is that it is heavier. The 6’4″ tall set weighs approximately 10 lb heavier than the 5′ tall set. Our 5′ X 6’4″ set meets and/or exceeds all OSHA regulations. The frames have three ladder rungs and utilize gravity flip locks for cross brace attachment. To maximize the life and longevity of our scaffold sets we apply a high visibility blue polyester powder-coating.

Frame Dimensions

5' W X 6'4" H

Distance Between Frames


Frame Tube Outside Diameter

1.69 in.

Frame Tube Wall Thickness


Brace Lock Spacing


Load Capacity

3500 lb

Stack Pin Length


Stack Pin Outside Diameter


Frame Pattern


Frame Type




  • (2) S-Style 5′ x 6’4″ Ladder Frames
  • (2) 7′ Galvanized Cross Braces
  • (4) Galvanized Stack Pins
  • (4) Galvanized Spring Rivets