Safety Pole – Heavy Duty Wedge



  • (1) Heavy Duty Wedge Safety Pole

This product is compatible with all of our S-Style and W-Style frames.

If you are using ScaffoldMart pattern frames, this product is compatible with ONLY the following models:

  • ScaffoldMart’s 5′ X 3′ Ladder Frame (SMFL5X3BARE)
  • ScaffoldMart’s 5′ X 5′ Ladder Frame w/ 48″ Lock Spacing (SMFL5X5#648BARE)
  • ScaffoldMart’s 5′ X 6’4″ Standard Walkthru Frame (SMFW5X64BARE)

The only brace we carry that is supported for use by this frame is our 20″ Heavy Duty Side Bracket (SM373W)


This is our sturdiest safety pole offering. It utilizes a support arm that extends down beyond it’s base, bracing against the vertical tube of the scaffold frame. It pins in place, then utilizes a wedge mechanism to further strengthen the connection. Hammer the wedge into place and it barely moves.

Weight5.9 lbs
Freight Class