7 ft Deluxe Rolling Scaffold Stair Tower


Introducing our 7 Ft Deluxe Rolling Stair Tower, equipped with premium features including 5’ x 6’6” Walkthrough scaffolding sets, internal stair unit, caster jacks for mobility, and Deluxe Safety Rail Sets for enhanced safety in elevated work environments.


Elevate your work efficiency and safety with our 7 Ft Deluxe Rolling Scaffold Stair Tower, meticulously crafted to provide professionals with a versatile and reliable solution for accessing elevated work areas.

Premium Internal Stair Unit

Experience unparalleled convenience and accessibility with the internal stair unit, seamlessly integrated into the tower design to facilitate easy movement between levels without the need for external ladders.

Spacious Walkthrough Sets

Benefit from the expansive 5’ x 6’6” Walkthrough scaffolding sets, offering ample space for maneuvering and optimizing workflow efficiency in various construction and maintenance tasks.

Enhanced Mobility and Stability

Achieve effortless mobility and stability with the caster jacks, allowing for easy attachment of our 8″ cast-iron wheels to maneuver the tower across different surfaces while ensuring precise leveling for added safety during operation.

Deluxe Safety Rail Set

Prioritize safety with our Deluxe Safety Rail Set, featuring robust construction and premium components to provide an additional layer of protection for professionals working at height.

Upgrade to the 7 Ft Deluxe Rolling Scaffold Stair Tower for unmatched convenience, mobility, and safety, empowering professionals to tackle elevated tasks with confidence and efficiency.

Weight 514.55 lbs
Max Standing Height


Max Platform Size

28" X 7'



Frame Dimensions

5' W X 6'6" H

Frame Tube Outside Diameter


Frame Tube Wall Thickness


Distance Between Frames


Brace Lock Spacing


Walkboard Length


Walkboard Width


Stack Pin Length


Stack Pin Outside Diameter


Tower Type

Rolling Stair



  • (2) 5’ X 6’6” Walkthru Frames
  • (2) 7’ Cross Braces
  • (4) Galvanized Stack Pins
  • (4) Galvanized Spring Rivets
  • (1) 7’ x 28” Aluminum/Plywood Walkboard
  • (2) Deluxe Safety End Panels
  • (2) Deluxe Double-Safety Rails
  • (4) Caster Jacks
  • (4) 8” Cast-Iron Wheels
  • (6) Pigtails
  • (4) Span Pins
  • (2) Female Safety Poles
  • (2) 5’ Safety Rails
  • (1) Internal Stair Unit
  • (1) Long Handrail
  • (1) Short Handrail
  • (1) Start Bar
  • (1) Ledger Bar
  • (1) Grouser Bar