W-Style Red (Matches Waco)

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Scaffoldmart’s W-Style Scaffold Frames

Here’s the rundown on our W-Style Frames:
All of our W-Style frames are built, in our opinion, better than the originals. Why? Well, we do most of the things they do and some they do not.

  • We paint the inside of the exposed verticals to help prevent rust. Nobody does this as far as we can tell.
  • We use forged candy cane locks “sometimes called fast locks”, just like Waco, where others use cast pieces then weld them together… so ours as Waco’s is a forged one piece unit… not a cast then welded two piece. Yes it costs more. Our way is the same as the original and we think it’s the very best way.
  • We cope all joints like Waco (meaning we don’t pinch the tubes at the weld point to cut costs) which increases the surface area or welding area and thus increases the strength of the overall frame.
  • We use 32 mm x 2.0 mm tubing on all internal tubing. This is where you will find shortcuts if you ask or look at many of our competitors resort to. Pardon the preposition. One uses 1 inch internals for ladder rungs with 1.8 mm thickness in their tubing. Another does similar and doesn’t cope their welds. (Coping costs more) You have to cut the pipe in a semi circle pattern and this takes time and adds additional steps. They go down in size on the internal tubes from 1.25 in/32 mm OD internal tubing to 1 in/25.4 mm in tubing but we wanted the strongest best frame we can build… within reason. They are not true to the Waco build patterns.
  • Finally we incorporate something Waco doesn’t. We install midlocks on all taller frames so you can install a Safety Rail at waist height. It’s been engineered to perfectly meet OSHA’s 45 in max height requirement.

We wanted to build this product better than anybody else out there and better than the original. How else is one to earn your business if we don’t do it better for less? So if you have this pattern and need to add to your inventory… give us a call with the confidence that we don’t take shortcuts and we are building a second to none quality product.