S-Style 5′ X 6’4″ Scaffold Walkthru Frame w/ Built-In Ladder


This S-Style Scaffold Frame offers unmatched flexibility, accommodating walk-boards at various heights without compromising mobility. Featuring three ladder rungs strategically positioned to preserve the walk-through function.

*Matches and stacks with Safway pattern scaffolding.


This is the most flexible of all our scaffolding frames, allowing you to place walk-boards at multiple heights while retaining the ease of mobility of a walkthrough frame.

It has three short ladder rungs positioned such that they leave room to retain the walk-through function. It could be seen as the Swiss Army knife of scaffolding.

It utilizes gravity flip locks to secure cross braces, spaced 48″ apart so it can connect to Safway pattern frames of the same size.

This frame meets and/or exceeds all OSHA regulations. To maximize the life and longevity of our scaffold frames we apply a blue-polyester powder coating.

Weight 50.55 lbs
Frame Dimensions

5' W X 6'4" H

Frame Tube Outside Diameter

1.69 in.

Frame Tube Wall Thickness


Brace Lock Spacing


Ladder Rung Width


Frame Type

Ladder, Walkthru

Frame Pattern






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