Swivel Jack -1.375″ OD (#6)

SKU: 378SJ


(1) Swivel Jack – 1.375″ OD (#6 Tube)


Our swivel jack is a solid-steel 24″ threaded rod welded to a T-head. Receivers welded to base plate accept the T on the end of the threaded rod, allowing base plate to swivel. This allows for individual adjustment of each leg and on surfaces with too high a degree of incline for a level jack. Where a level jack is welded perpendicular to it’s rod, the swiveling action of this unit allows setup on an inclined surface. Provides¬†for individual adjustment of each leg to help create a level working platform. Precision square acme threads and a massive 9.5″ wing-nut provides increased leverage for ease of adjustment under load. Finally this product is zinc galvanized for longevity.

Weight14.4 lbs
Outside Diameter


Wing-Nut Length


Rod Length



6" X 6"