ScaffoldMart – Quality

All ScaffoldMart products are designed and engineered at our offices in Greenville, NC. We take pride in making a products that lasts with attention to detail. Please take the time to learn how we make a better frame scaffold.

ScaffoldMart Sets:

We cope weld our frames, where many competitors pinch weld. This means we scallop our horizontal tubes so they hug their vertical supports. Next we hand weld the entire perimeter of the horizontal tube, for maximum contact, and a strong connection.

Our frames also feature elongated brace lock tabs. Our c-lock tabs extend further beyond the lower stud and our flip lock tabs are longer, creating less likelyhood of a brace jotling loose during use.

Our cross braces are hot dip galvanized before the manufacturing process, meaning before the ends of the tube are pinched closed and welded. This coats the entire inside of our cross braces, giving them maximum weather resistance. Competitors dip after the maunfacturing process, allowing galvanant to enter the inside of the tube only through a tiny punch hole, providing minimal coverage in comparison to our braces.

ScaffoldMart Walkboards:

To the best of our knowledge, our aluminum/plywood walkboard is the strongest of it’s kind in the world. Our certified load tests are ridiculous. They also happen to be the most economic board in the business.

Overbuilt of extruded aluminum (no parts punched, no square hooks) and massive stainless-steel carriage bolys and nylong backing nuts, this board is heavy duty. We put the metal where it counts, beefing up critical areas to give our board unsurpassed strength.

These boards are modular, so that every part is replaceable. Their built with repair in mind, no part if more than eight bolts from removal. Most can be repaired by removing one or two bolts. Renter brings the board back with damage? We’ll FedEx you replacements, and the unit can keep on generating profits.