Veneer Jack / Judy Jack



  • (1) Veneer/Judy Jack Frame
  • (2) Veneer/Judy Jack Legs

This item may be sold in yellow powder coat or galvanized, whichever is available.

The veneer jack, or judy jack, whichever you prefer – an industry staple and versatile workhorse. It’s components are less cumbersome than traditional frame scaffolding,  and it’s easy to set up – just pin the legs at your desired height and build a platform.


Our veneer jack has spring loaded hard chrome plated locking  pins instead of holes that you pin with a fastener. Makes use a breeze, and pins can’t get lost like pigtails. Yellow powder coated.

Weight33 lbs
Base Legs - Length




Max Height Adjustment

Platforms at 48" & 67"

Min Height Adjustment

Platforms at 25" & 44"