26 ft Standard Rolling Scaffold Tower


Our 26 ft Rolling Scaffold Tower offers increased height and stability with four 5’x6’4” scaffolding sets with convenient locking cast-iron wheels for mobility.


Experience elevated efficiency and mobility with our 26 ft Standard Rolling Scaffold Tower, designed to provide stability and convenience in elevated projects.

Increased Height and Stability

Constructed with four 5’x6’4” scaffolding sets, this tower offers a sturdy platform for elevated tasks, ensuring safety and stability even at greater heights.

Cost Savings

Experience significant cost savings with our innovative tower design. Building this 26 ft tower requires only four sets, compared to five sets needed for a traditional 25 ft tower using 5’x5’ sets, resulting in substantial material cost savings.

Enhanced Mobility

Navigate your workspace with ease using the tower’s 8” locking cast-iron wheels, allowing you to transport and position the tower effortlessly for enhanced productivity. (Always lock all of the casters before using.)

Efficient Construction

Assemble the tower quickly and easily using our straightforward instructions, streamlining your workflow and minimizing downtime on the job site.

Versatile Applications

Suitable for a variety of projects, our 26 ft Standard Rolling Scaffold Tower is ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking convenience and efficiency in their work.

Enhanced Safety Features

Replace unstable ladders with this stable scaffold tower, providing a secure and reliable platform for working safely at height, now with added mobility for versatility.

Weight 567.96 lbs
Max Standing Height


Max Platform Size

5' X 7'



Frame Dimensions

5' W X 6'4" H

Frame Tube Outside Diameter


Frame Tube Wall Thickness


Distance Between Frames


Brace Lock Spacing


Walkboard Length


Walkboard Width


Stack Pin Length


Stack Pin Outside Diameter


Safety Pole Height


Tower Type




  • (8) 5′ X 6’4” Ladder Frames
  • (8) 7′ Cross Braces
  • (16) Galvanized Stack Pins
  • (16) Galvanized Spring Rivets
  • (3) 7′ Regular-Duty Aluminum/Plywood Walkboards
  • (4) Female Safety Poles
  • (4) 5’ Safety Rails
  • (4) 7’ Safety Rails
  • (8) 8” Cast-Iron Wheels
  • (4) 30″ Outriggers
  • (24) Pigtails
  • (1) Grouser Bar