Boat Ladder – 8′



  • (1) 8′ Galvanized Boat Ladder


We offer four varieties of A-frame boat ladders. These ladders are hinged for easy storage, and feature stainless steel bolts fastened with nylon backing nuts at it’s hinges for easy maintenance or repair. This allows the ladder to be easily broken down and stored.

The ladders locking arms can be fully disassembled if necessary for further cleaning and maintenance.

To improve the ladders strength and rigidity we use a method of welding referred to as cope welding on each of the ladders rungs. The process involves scalloping out each end of the ladders rung to match the upright vertical arms. The welder then welds a 360 degree weld around the scalloped end creating a rock solid bond. When welding, the more surface area that can be welded the stronger the bond will be.

To complete this great ladder we then weld on a 3″ metal plate to each leg of the ladder, giving a strong stable working platform and helps the legs resist sinking.

As with all of our products we hot dip galvanize the entire ladder, inside and out, to ensure many years of tough work. The ladder rungs are offset to provide the most board height combination options. Offered in four sizes: 6′, 8′, 10′, and 12′.

Weight 81 lbs
Product Type

Marina/Boatyard Equipment