Boat Dolly – 3500 lb. – M3500

SKU: BDM3500


  • (1) Boat Dolly w/ Heavy-Duty Casters – 3500 lb. Capacity


Our regular duty boat dolly has all the same features as her heavy duty brother. Same hydraulically pressed v-rib, just a smaller pad and female holder assembly. We use a rubber billetĀ for the pads which are non-marking and do not require maintenance. Compare to a wood pad with carpet stapled around where the carpet falls off, gets wet and the wood rots. All of that is eliminated with a rubber pad head.

Grady Smith, CEO

Weight78 lbs

41" W X 25.5" L X 10" H

Pad Dimensions

12" X 5.5" X 1.5"

Width Configurations

31", 38"

Pad Height Range