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Our boat scaffold is a big improvement over what is available currently and definitely the solution for anyone that has to work on the side of a boat.

A complete unimpeded work area along the entire length of the boat. This means you can walk from one end of the boat to the other end without stepping/climbing/wrestling with anything.

Our boat scaffolding differs from regular scaffolding by being able to be bent or curved to the boat surface. Traditional scaffolding can’t do this.

Need to adjust the height? No problem! You use a lever arm to quickly adjust the height, even with heavy supplies on the boat scaffold.

We are excited! We here at Scaffoldmart are boaters. We actually worked on a beloved Bertram for 5 years restoring it. We used our bakers narrow scaffold set which is 28 in wide x 6 ft tall. It was set up in a row/line that was 21 ft long. The problem with this product is it’s only good when you use the walkboards at the top. If you lower the standing level below the upper rung on the frame, then you cannot walk end to the end without having to climb over the ladder frame.

Our boat scaffold is an big improvement over what’s available currently and definitely the solution for anyone that has to work on the side of a boat. A complete unimpeded work area along the entire length of the boat — this means you can walk from one end of the boat to the other end without stepping/climbing/wrestling with anything. Just walk.

Let’s go over what this boat scaffolding features so you can understand what I am talking about.

Let’s say the average boat is 30-50 ft and the scaffolding needs to run along the side so you’ll need 30 ft/7ft spacing or 50 ft //7, so we are looking at 4-7 boat scaffolds to do the side of the boat. I am assuming 7 ft spacing which gives a solid platform surface without much give. If you really need to stretch the budget you can use 10 ft spacing to save some money but the tradeoff is increased sponginess in the middle of the span.

We are assuming that certified DI 65 2 x 10 solid pine plank is used to plank the scaffold quick explanation of DI 65. It’s a product that is graded to a very exacting set of standards. Two of these standards are 9 growth rings per inch this ensures a dense product. Knots cannot exceed 4 inches linearly. So you measure down the length of the knot and then down the width of the knot and it cannot exceed 4 inches. And many more rules/standards apply. This just shows that you should not shortcut using just any old 2 x 10. If there is an accident it could result in an OSHA penalty of upwards of $10,000 or if there is serious worker harm, above $100,000. Then come the criminal charges. It’s simply not worth it and it’s unsafe.

Here are the improved features:

  • We increased the platform width from 2 boards to 3 boards. This was done as I can’t figure out how 2 grown guys get by each other on the blue unit. Let’s say you need a restroom or snack break; you go to get by the next guy and get down to the end where the ladder is located, you just can’t do this in only 20 inches of width without one of the other doing a contortionist act. I know this myself because I have spent 5 years off and on standing in the air working on the side of a boat. Mostly evenings and weekends. So we increased the platform width from 22 in to 32 inches. What a difference it makes!
  • I dislike the 1 piece main body design. It’s hard to ship it. Hard to store. Hard to handle period. Their H base is riveted permanently to the main vertical beam. Our boat scaffold is a 2 piece design. It’s easy to ship. Easy to assemble. Easy to disassemble and store. Just easy. And no support braces to get in the way at the bottom of our boat scaffolding between the H base and the boat. So when you are in the air maybe 5-7 ft high you can actually work underneath or walk bent over as there is clearance between  unit and side of boat.
  • The blue unit shakes like crazy. We are in the scaffold business and shaky is not good. We like things solid on scaffolding. So our boat scaffolding has huge 20 mm tightening/jam nuts. You tighten down on these babies and bam! No more movement PERIOD! None on the main vertical beam. None on the L shaped platform arm. NONE!
  • Height of end tab. Their design doesn’t allow for the fact that by law with OSHA you have to have your DI 65 overlapped. Theirs is 1.5 inches in height and ours is 3 inches in height. 1.5 in allows the upper board to slide sideways and fall off the scaffold. It’s useless. Ours fully contains the 2 boards.
  • Our H cradle base main beam is 2 times larger than their units, for added strength.
  • Our H cradle base legs on the long side are elongated out further for an increased 4 to 1 OSHA stability safety factor.
  • Our boat scaffolding has an increased adjustment range. Elimination of the support brackets that always get in the way also yields the benefit of increased adjustment range. Now your platform height goes from 40 in min down to 22 in. How nice is that? Maybe you need to stand 30 inches with ours you can!
  •  We added studs from our scaffolding experience so you can put a 7 ft or 10 ft safety rail instead of using a 2 x 4 that can break and is unwieldy. Is this 2×4 been tested/graded? We made the end safety bars optional as you only need these on the 2 end scaffolds. Why would you want to pay for them on every unit? I don’t know either.
  • We increased the vertical main beam height. This increases the L bracket area overlap which increases safety.
  • Work shelf. I hate having supplies all up under my feet. Or on the side of the boat that you are trying to work/polish on. So we adapted from our knowledge of scaffold side brackets to incorporate a work shelf bracket that clips in on the backside of the scaffold. So if you are standing on the scaffold facing the boat it’s behind you about waist high. 20 in width allows you to put 2 pieces of DI 65 or regular 2×10 and gives a working shelf that runs behind scaffolding for the entire length of the boat. So on a 4 scaffold long setup you have a shelf that is 20 inches wide x 21 ft long. Think about that. A work shelf for all your supplies at the perfect waist high working height to store everything within reach. Think of the productivity increase this will allow.
  • Level jacks are available to take care of uneven ground.

We have wheel kits available. These allow you to wheel around the unit with a nice balance. We have thought of everything. Everywhere I travel I see blue stands and blue ladders. But I never see blue boat scaffolding. Our boat scaffolding is so good it’s going to be popular. To that end and to help marinas and working yards give us a try we are going to offer an additional wholesale incentive of 20 units or more are purchased.

Weight145 lbs
Dimensions103.25 × 40.75 × 14.5 in
Freight Class


Max Standing Height


Min Standing Height



37.5 to 90.5" in 8" intervals