Jet Ski Dolly



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Scaffoldmart’s Jet Ski Dolly consists of a base (29 lbs.), two bunks (12 lbs. each), and four wheels (five lbs. each); it weighs a total of 73 lbs. It features a carpeted bunk for scratch resistance. The bunks can be adjusted from 6″ close all the way out to 30″ apart. Its bunks can turn to accommodate any angle (they can rest completely vertical in one direction and also around to completely vertical in the other). The frame of its base is 48″ x 36″, meaning it can roll through a door as narrow as 36. Our dolly utilizes a hand tightened screw lock to secure the bunks the proper distance from one another with ease. The 6 casters turn 360 degrees effortlessly, making for great maneuverability under load. When resting on the bunks, a jet ski would be positioned approximately 18 off of the ground.

Weight 70 lbs
Bunk Size



57" L x 38" W x 18" H