FSBS-8 Foldable Sailboat Stand 95″-111″



  • (1) 8′ Extra-Large Foldable Sailboat Stand
  • (1) Orange Long Top


Introducing Our Extra Large Sailboat Stands: Durable, Rust-Resistant, and Convenient

Corrosion-Resistant Galvanized Design

Experience the next level of sailboat stands with our innovative range of 8 ft to 15 ft extra large options. Crafted for durability, these stands feature a full hot-dip galvanized finish that ensures maximum corrosion resistance.

Unlike others, our galvanization process covers not just the base but also the acme threaded top, providing comprehensive protection.¬†We’ve taken galvanization to the next level by immersing every critical part in hot molten zinc. From the adjustment handle’s inside and outside to the sturdy collar and threaded rod, no detail is overlooked. Even the top plywood L-bracket holder is fully galvanized.

Long-Term Investment

Invest wisely in a product that guarantees years of reliable service. Opting for our fully hot-dipped sailboat stands means protection against rust and deterioration. While others offer bare steel tops, we prioritize your satisfaction by providing hot-dipped, rust-resistant solutions.

Integrated Ladder and OSHA Compliance

Climb with confidence! Our sailboat stands are equipped with an integrated ladder that adheres to OSHA standards, ensuring safe and legal climbing. You can trust in the quality and safety of our products.

Easy Disassembly and Storage

Effortless disassembly is key. Our stands are designed to be conveniently taken apart, laying flat for efficient shipping and storage. Embrace hassle-free maintenance and organization.

Customizable Options

Tailor your sailboat stand to your needs. Our pricing includes both the base and top components. You can choose between a flat or V-shaped top, depending on your preference.

Seamless Compatibility

Integrating our stands into your existing inventory is a breeze. Reach out to us for a discussion about how our products can seamlessly fit into your setup.

Convenient One-Stop Service

Simplify your experience. A single call to us offers comprehensive one-stop service, streamlining your sailboat stand needs.

Global Reach, Island Deliveries

For those in remote locations like the Caribbean, worry not. Our island delivery expertise ensures that you receive your products efficiently. We can arrange container shipments, including our new hurricane yacht cradles, our Extra Large Foldable Sailboat stands, and our smaller sail and motorboat stands. Our global reach spans destinations such as Australia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and the Caribbean.

Upgrade to No Scratch Soft Gel Plastic Top

Say goodbye to concerns about scratches and water damage. Inquire about upgrading your stand tops from plywood to our No Scratch Soft Gel Plastic top. This innovative solution eliminates the need for carpet between the plywood top and your boat’s gelcoat, preventing blistering and awl-grip fading. This durable top won’t retain water, rot, or scratch, enhancing your sailboat stand experience.

Contact us today to discover how our sailboat stands can transform your boating experience with enhanced durability, convenience, and customization options.

Weight 113.85 lbs
Freight Class