Motor Boat Stand – 67″ to 83″ – MBS-0XX



  • (1) Motor Boat Stand Base – MBS-0XX
  • (1) Boat Stand Top – Long Top – 27″ Orange

Nests and interchangeable with Brownell pattern (Rusty) boat stands.


What makes these stands superior?

First, we hot dip the base and sell it for less than a painted base. Since the base is constantly in contact with the ground, it makes no sense to us to dip in paint, which begins corroding as soon as it reaches the yard.

We hot dip galvanize the entire top versus simply selling you bare steel. It get’s dipped in three separate pieces for maximum coverage. The only metal on this product that isn’t galvanized are it’s 316L stainless-steel fasteners.

We have beefed up the wingnut collar from 1″ to 1.5″ in length, this increases the mating surface contact area between our collar and our square acme threaded rod. This increases load capacity.

Weight 48.85 lbs
Min Height Adjustment


Max Height Adjustment



8,000 lb.

Product Type

Motor Boat Stands