Work Smart Multifunction Scaffolding Tool Shelf


Included in Box:

(1) Work Smart Tool Shelf


Work smarter…

  • Mountable in many positions on the guardrail system as well as end frames.
  • Conveniently holds a variety of tools, as well as coffee.
  • Most functional when used in conjunction with our 3-4 Guardrail System.

We’ve developed a tool shelf for our multifunction scaffolding that can be mounted on the guardrail system. It fits where you need to use it. Waist high or knee high above the platform, or down low on the ladder frames as well. Inside or outside. It fits on the guard rail end gate midway high or waist high at the top on the outside or the inside. It has channels that allow it to slide on the mid rails or top rails from end to end. It holds pliers, hammers, screw drivers, paint cans, has smaller trays for screws or nails and a correctly sized coffee holder. Let’s just say it’s versatile. Competitive units do not fit on the guard rail system, ours is patent pending.

Weight6.15 lbs
Package Dimensions

30.65 x 20 x 2.375 in (L x W x H)