6 ft Multifunction Scaffold (Bakers Scaffolding)


ScaffoldMart has developed the world’s best multifunction scaffold: It stands higher, adjusts lower, and is more stable than any other, with over 60% more adjustment range. Completely obsoletes every other multifunction unit on the market.

Highest standing height (79 in) of any 6 ft unit in the world. (additional attachments are required)

Lowest working height of any multifunction unit in the world. 10 inches! vs 28 in (others)

Stable: Highest stability of any multifunction unit at this weight ever produced.

Safest: Stair access when on steps. Only unit where tip condition completely eliminated.

Safest: Two locating dowel pins per side (four total) vs only 1/side(all others).

Safest:   Four locking pins (two per side) that securely lock and hold down platform vs two “spring loaded hold-downs” (1/side) that can allow platform to come out and fall

Safest unit ever manufactured.

60% increase in adjustment range vs all other competitive 6 ft multifunction units.

For all the above reasons we say this is the best multifunction unit in the world.


We reimagined bakers scaffolding…

  • More stable than conventional bakers scaffolding, feels more sturdy when stood upon.
  • Minimum platform setting of 10 inches.
  • Maximum platform setting of 79 inches with attachments, 71 inches out of the box.

We’ve developed a multifunction unit with a reversible side rail. Our innovative rail can be applied upside down, allowing the platform to be adjusted all the way down to 10 inches. Flipping the rail also allows us to lengthen our rails cuff, it’s 23 inches – longer than the conventional 18 inch cuff. The result is a big improvement in stability.

Our unit has a more industrial-stability feel instead of the typical wobbliness that almost all competitive units exhibit. This has not been done until now for this reason: without flipping the rail, when you lengthen the cuff to improve the stability it changes the lowest height setting from 28 inches to 33 inches. At 28 inch standing heights, many are bumping their heads on an eight foot ceiling, go up to 33 inches and you must bend over.

Comparing traditional bakers scaffold height adjustment to ScaffoldMart's improved adjustments

By flipping our rail, we achieve a minimum platform height of 10 inches, providing room to stand between floor and ceiling. Ten inches is great for cutting and installing tile, or any other work that requires knee pads. No competitive multifunction unit can achieve this.

You get increased stability without compromising adjustment range. In fact, not only is it not compromised, it’s vastly more adjustable than the conventional design. We believe this is the world’s finest, most productive multifunction unit.

Increased standing height: In addition to the features we mentioned above, our lengthened cuff allows another patent-pending innovation. With the addition of four span pins and our siderail cuff clamps, you can extend the unit for an extra eight inches of overall standing height. Cuff clamp and span pins sold separately.


*We care that you work safe, so we must mention the following: Conventional multifunction units have a maximum standing height of 71 inches, just under six feet. When standing above 71 inches, guardrails and outriggers should always be in use. We offer both, each with their own unique features detailed on their respective product pages.

**Product design subject to change.

Weight 127 lbs
Assembled Dimensions

75 x 30 x 75 in L x W x H

Package Dimensions

75 x 30.5 x 5.5 in L x W x H


127 lb.

Load Capacity

1000 lb

Standing Height

10 – 71 in (79 in)*


5 in Double Locking Casters




Included in Box:

  • (2) Reversible Siderails
  • (2) End Frames
  • (1) Platform
  • (4) 5″ Double-Locking Casters
  • (8) Span Pins


Available Documents

Download User Manual

User’s Manual

Video Gallery

Video: Multifunction Scaffold Reversible Siderail Demo
Video: Platform Lock Tutorial for Multifunction Scaffold
Video: Worksmart Tool Shelf for Multifunction Scaffold
Video: 3-4 Guardrail System for Multifunction Scaffold
Video: Three Stack Outriggers for stacking Multifunction Scaffolds

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