20″ Heavy-Duty Saddle Bracket



  • (1) 20″ Heavy-Duty Saddle Bracket


This is a saddle-type side bracket 20″ in length, at 8.3 lb. it’s 1.5 lb heavier than similar brackets; it’s just larger, beefier, and stronger.

  • We use 1.625″ outer-diameter high-strength tubing on the top and side.
  • The diagonal support bar is 1.25″ outside diameter, competitive brackets are only 1″.
  • Our tube thickness is 2.5 mmm compared to the commonly found 2 mm.

Saddle brackets, when installed, do not move much and are very stable as opposed to a clip-on bracket. It’s disadvantage is when the walkboards are installed you cannot easily remove the bracket as the walkboard rests on top of the saddle. Two toggle pins used to secure.

Weight 9.45 lbs