Stack Pin – Adjustable Diameter



  • (1)┬áStack Pin – Adjustable Diameter

Spring rivet not included, typical use requires one spring rivet per stack pin.

Designed to fit 1.625″ and 1.69″ outside diameter frames.

Adjustable stack pins are intended for stacking frames and should not be used with female safety poles or on the safety system.


Our patent pending premium adjustable stack pin is a must have. This adjustable stack pin will completely eliminate slop in the frame stack connection point. It eliminates slop both side to side and vertically. It’s as if the two stacked sets are welded together… that’s how nice this stack pin truly is.

Use it just as you normally would. Insert into bottom frame. Insert a pigtail, toggle pin, span pin, drive pin or rivet pin with a cotter key. This secures the stack pin into the lower set of scaffolding. Next stack on your top set. Now secure it again with your choice of fastener. Now all you have to do is tighten the bolt as seen in the pics. This will move the two clamshells outward and press them against the inside of the vertical scaffold tube. It eliminates all slop and movement. I don’t know about you but that’s what I want. No movement or as little movement as possible.

Word of caution: Do not over tighten!!

Hand tighten then a quarter turn further is all that’s needed. Over tightening can split the tube. It’s not needed. We lineup our vertical tubes with seam inward toward the horizontal’s to cover the seam with a weld from the horizontal to prevent splitting of the seam. Long story short… Don’t over tighten!

Weight 1.3 lbs
Collar Length