Sailboat Mast Dolly



  • (1) Sailboat Mast Dolly
  • (1) V-Top for Sailboat Mast Dolly


ScaffoldMart’s sailboat mast dolly is the efficient way to move a sailboat mast. It makes moving the mast around much easier and is great for refinish work or storage. It boasts a quad-supported painted base with a hot-dipped top. Plastic inserts attached to the dolly’s top for scratch resistance when placing mast upon it. These inserts are fastened with screws and nylon backing nuts so they stay put. Fasteners are 316L. Our mast dolly is 36” tall minimum height, and 50” maximum. Our dolly includes four non-marking 5” lockable caster wheels, and a set screw to lock the position of the Acme thread in place. We’ve moved our diagonal supports out above the wheels for increased capacity versus other mast dollies that cost far more.

Weight 21 lbs