Multifunction Scaffold 6′ Hatch Platform


Enhance safety and accessibility when building Multifunction Scaffold Towers with our Hatch Platform, featuring a built-in hatch door for convenient internal access.


Elevate your scaffolding capabilities with our Multifunction Scaffold 6’ Hatch Platform, engineered for superior safety and accessibility.

This platform integrates a sturdy hatch with a 24″x23″ opening. A safety strap is used to prevent the hatch from staying open keeping users from falling through the hole. The hatch includes a spring-loaded latch mechanism to keep the door securely closed.

This Hatch Platform is designed to complement our innovative Multifunction Scaffold with reversible side rails. Perfect for constructing 12’ or 18’ Multifunction Scaffold Towers, it allows users to climb safely on the inside of the tower, ensuring stability and ease of access.

  • Built-in hatch door for internal platform access
  • Durable plywood and steel construction
  • Safety strap prevents hatch door from opening fully or staying open
  • Secured with a spring-loaded latch mechanism
  • Clear span opening for easy passage
Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 68 × 28 × 1.5 in


Included in box

  • (1) 6′ Hatch Platform