Ideal-Angle Outrigger Set


Compatible with our Multifunction Scaffolds, these outriggers offer two distinct settings for safer climbing. Engineered to enhance stability, reduce tip risk, and provide a solid, stable feel.


Safer configuration made easy…

  • Two distinct settings for safer climbing, simple and easy.
  • One for single multifunction scaffold unit, one for two stacked units. No more than two!

Our Ideal-Angle Outriggers install in two positions on a Multifunction Scaffold. At one setting they are ideal for stabilizing a single multifunction unit, in another they are ideal for two stacked units. For three stacked units a larger outrigger is required. These outriggers fight the possibility of tip conditions when scaffolding is used properly and makes climbing safer. The added benefit is the much more solid and stable feeling of the unit when stood upon.

Single Unit Setting: Recommended but not required. Protects against unit tilting towards the climber, greatly reducing the chance of a tip and making climbing much safer.
Please note: if you only have a single Multifunction Scaffold you will need to add four caster wheels and span pins.

Stacked Units Configuration: When stacking two units (but not three) you install the outriggers so they mostly face outwards, sideways. They are 18 inches, and even with the 30 degree angle they still extend 16 inches – making them safer than ordinary 14 inch outriggers.
Please note: You can use the caster wheels and span pins for the upper Multifunction Scaffold unit on the outriggers.

Clamps are super heavy duty, about 40% thicker than conventional.

Patent pending.

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 24.5 × 17 × 5 in


Included in Box:

  • (4) Ideal-Angle Outriggers