7′ Aluminum/Plywood Walkboard – Severe Duty



  • (1) 7′ Severe Duty Aluminum/Plywood Scaffolding Walkboard

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Our 7′ Severe Duty Aluminum Plywood Scaffold Walkboards are extremely tough yet still light weight. Designed, engineered and built in-house in Greenville, NC, out of US and global components. Load rating in a uniform load test is 254 lb/square foot with a 4-to-1 safety ratio. The industry standard is 75 lb/sq/ft. Overbuilt to give a higher safety margin than any other board that we are aware of.

This walkboard features wider hooks (a full inch) for increased stability. After many years in the industry we redesigned our walkboards with a modular design to be fully repairable. Break a hook from accidentally dropping and it’s no problem, easily replace it in minutes.

We use a large carriage bolt and nut system compared to the industry standard of cheap permanent rivets. We do not like walkboards with two-piece hooks riveted together with one small, flimsy rivet. Do your homework and feel free to call us with questions.

Should the board become damaged or broken the bolt/nut allows you to disassemble and replace individual parts instead of having to replace the entire board. Our board is built to last in real-world conditions, saving you both time and money.

Plywood features phenolic resin waterproof glue that will withstand boiling for 72 hours. Rib bolts are grade 8.8 and heat threated. 6061 T6 aluminum throughout. It’s a professional grade 7′ aluminum-plywood scaffold walkboard that’s the best money can buy.

Unveiling the Secrets of Our Premium Aluminum Plywood Walkboard – A Testament of Over Eighteen Years’ Reliability. Unlike Resellers, We Manufacture for Unrivaled Quality.

Reasons to Choose Our Walkboard

  1. Beefy Construction: Thicker metal parts for unparalleled durability and strength.
  2. Modularity Matters: Easily replace damaged parts using common hand tools.
  3. Superior Load Rating: Load tested at 254 lb/square foot with a 4-to-1 safety ratio for unmatched strength and stability.
  4. Quality Materials: Robust plywood with a unique grain pattern and waterproof glue for optimum performance and weather resistance.
  5. Honest Business Practices: As a family-owned and operated company, we take pride in our products and commit to honest service.

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Weight 38 lbs